When Attic Renovations Are Required

If you wish to make your home energy efficient, you might want to look at attic renovation possibilities. It could also be an unused space that can be converted for entertainment and living purposes. When it comes to energy efficiency parameters, such a space can have an impact on the insulation of an entire home; the fire proofing of such a space is also vital.

Attic RenovationsAttic Renovations

If you wish to extend the living space in an attic there are certain considerations to be made. For instance, a drywall needs to be installed, a sub floor built, windows need to be created in walls and so forth. Again, the weight of additional flooring and extensions in the attic area can impact the remaining building as well. Hence, whether such expansion plans are possible for an attic area to need to be ascertained from an experienced building contractor.

When it comes to making an attic area more energy efficient, often repair work and updating can help improve such factors. The air circulation across a house will improve as well as help reduce the energy costs of the entire home. Ceiling areas and joists or support structures that separate the attic space from the rest of the building need to be checked for any possible air leaks and should be well insulated. Often loose fill is used to create an insulating barrier or blanket insulation materials. If you need to replace the insulation in the attic, make sure to hire a reputable compnay likeĀ Rid-Of-it Vancouver to properly dispose of it.

There are other kinds of renovations that can come about in an attic space. For instance, the gable fans or roof ventilators can help to improve the air flow across such space. If you have a bedroom or living space here, these features can help improve the livability of such spaces. An A framed gable that can be created here helps to draw out hot air from the house and helps to draw in cold and fresh air from the outdoors. At the same time when energy efficiency is being improved upon, safety features need to be looked at as well. Attics should not be used as storage space for cloth based materials, wood or dry paper that can catch fire easily. The same goes for exposed wiring that might run through such section of a home.


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